Just Call Me Tadd

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*shuts the car door shut and heads to the front door of the house*

Mom? You ready? I got the car all packed up.

*hands her the car keys and speaks lowly*

…So you’re sure about this, right?



Let’s go home, okay?

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innocent-assassin-deactivated20 asked: Do you know any Daves?

Boy, do I.

There’s a lady in our town who named all of her boys “Dave”. Crazy, right?

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Anonymous asked: Well aren't you cute, gotta a girlfriend?

Er…I guess I almost kinda had one once….

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Anonymous asked: Why won't you talk about family?

Gee, I dunno. Maybe it’s really personal with me.

*sighs hard*

….sorry. It’s not really easy.

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any friends?

Yeah, back in La Jolla I do.

There’s Sally and her brother, and…. well I have a lot of friends back there.

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autumn-sweet-fae asked: Ever hear of Truffula Flu?

I’ve heard of it. Never got around to checking it out, though.

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Anonymous asked: She can't even look at you, can she?

Of course she can.

She just doesn’t come out very often. It’s hard for her to talk to people.